Hiring Process (Officer Recruit)

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1. Application Packet
The forms in the application packet and the application form must be completed in their entirety and returned to the Human Resources Department by the application deadline.

2. Driver's License/Criminal History Check
The application packets will be sent to the RPD for driver's license and basic criminal history checks. Applicants who meet the requirements will be notified of the pre-employment testing date. An applicant’s adult record must contain no felony convictions in its entirety, as well as no misdemeanor convictions in the last three years.

3. Pre-Employment Testing
The pre-employment testing consists of a physical-fitness demonstration and a written test. The physical-fitness demonstration is based on the requirements of the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy. Those are:
       >1.5-mile run in 15 minutes, 54 seconds or less
       >15 pushups in one minute
       >27 sit-ups in one minute
       >300-meter run in no more than 71 seconds
Applicants who successfully complete the physical-fitness demonstration will proceed to a multiple-choice written exam covering basic academic topics. The exam will be scored immediately following completion of the exam.

4. Supplemental Application Package
This package must be completed in full and returned to the police department.

5. Interviews
Applicants who successfully complete the written test will be scheduled for oral interviews with the Police Hiring Committee. The interview which will take place within two weeks of the testing date.

6. Ranking of Candidates/Eligibility Lists
The application packet, physical-fitness demonstration information, written-test score and oral-interview scores will be reviewed by the Police Hiring Committee for eligibility ranking.

7. Background Investigation
When the applicant's name comes up on the eligibility list as openings are available, the background investigation will commence. An applicant whose background investigation is rated unsatisfactory will be disqualified from further consideration.

8. Conditional Offer of Employment
Once the applicant passes the background investigation, the Human Resources Department will prepare the appropriate paperwork. When approved, a job offer will be made for the position of Police Recruit contingent on the individual’s satisfactory completion of additional portions of the application process which includes psychological exam, physical exam and chief’s interview.

9. Internal Training
Once employed, the recruit will receive a month of training within the department before being placed on patrol duty. That is followed by 12 weeks of field training, a time when the recruit rides on patrol with an experienced officer.

10. New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy
The recruit will attend, and must successfully complete, the 16-week state academy in order to earn his law enforcement certification.

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