Paying Your Water Bill  

Did you know there are four different ways to pay your water bill? Customers can pay in person, by dropbox, mail or online.  Reference our infographic for more information on each method!                                                                                          
FB-4WaystoPay - revised hours

Employment Opportunity 

 The Spring River Zoo is looking for a new director!  This position oversees the operation of the zoo facility including but not limited to animals, grounds, staff, buildings and programs. Click the photo below to apply. FBpost-employment

Video Highlights

Money Matters: Enterprise Funds

Director of Administrative Service Juan Fuentes sits down to discuss enterprise funds and the departments that utilize this type of fund. Departments that operate with these funds operate as businesses and run on the fees their services generate.  

City Services: Wastewater Lab

Learn more about our city Wastewater Lab and the work the staff does at this facility that is a part of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. You can also read the City Services blog about the lab at this link