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Oct 27

[ARCHIVED] City Inspectors

The original item was published from October 27, 2020 9:32 AM to October 29, 2020 8:48 AM

A variety of City of Roswell inspectors work hard to ensure the safety of residents. The city has building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical inspectors. All their work comes together so buildings are up to code and safe for residents.

Mike Christensen is a Building Inspector. He completes inspections for both commercial and residential structures, including new construction, remodels and additions to buildings. His other responsibilities include handling complaints about construction areas working without permits and complaints on contractors for code violations or work that has not yet been completed. He also inspects structures for dilapidation and safety to the public. Christensen is tasked with ensuring all buildings and structures are up to code, referring to the International Building Code (commercial structures) and International Residential Code (residential structures) dictated by the New Mexico Administrative Code. He also ensures city-adopted building codes and ordinances are followed.

Christensen’s job can impact every resident in Roswell. His work protects property, life and safety by ensuring structures are safe for citizens. The toughest part of his work is having to tell people, often contractors, their work is incorrect or letting a homeowner know his or her home is not safe to inhabit. He asks residents keep in mind he is just completing his job, following the rules and regulations set by law and governing systems.

Christensen’s certifications include his National Building Certification through the International Code Council, State Building Inspector Certification, Certified Asbestos Building Inspector and New Mexico Certified Floodplain Manager certificate.

Gustavo Garcia inspects plumbing and mechanical work on all new construction as well as existing commercial and residential structures. On a daily basis, Garcia reviews messages, answers calls, reviews plans and inspects job sites. His work provides services that serve the health and safety of residents. Inspections are regulated under the Construction Industries Licensing Act and the Uniform Plumbing and Mechanical Codes.

Garcia recommends when citizens hire someone to fix, replace or install any plumbing or heating and cooling systems, they should make sure the contracted person is licensed, insured and acquires all of the required permits prior to starting the job. Ensuring this is done will allow the process, including Garcia’s inspections, to be as smooth as possible and help the home or business owner avoid frustration.

By state law, Garcia is required to be certified by the State of New Mexico and a third-party certifying agency to be a plumbing inspector. He is certified by both the state and the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials. He is also certified through the State of New Mexico as a mechanical inspector.

Breck Walden is the Electrical Inspector for the City of Roswell. The scope of his work includes pre-job site visits, plan review, new commercial projects and remodels and inspecting work done by electrical contractors. He also reviews plans for new solar power systems. His daily routine begins with checking messages on his phone and email and returning phone calls. He organizes all inspection requests for the day and then heads out to complete those inspections. Once the day’s inspections are completed, he logs the inspections and will notify the power company to which projects it may release power. All of this work should meet the standards set by the National Electrical Code and the State of New Mexico Electrical Code.

Having to write correction notices for work already completed is not pleasant, but necessary. Walden suggests citizens and contractors maintain communication, ask questions and keep him in the loop regarding the work. He firmly believes answering questions as the work takes place is much easier and more helpful than writing a correction notice later. Are you looking to have construction, mechanical, plumbing or electrical work done? Visit to learn about and obtain the proper permits prior to beginning the work. Then, during and after the work, the specialties of each of the city inspectors will come together for one purpose – to ensure the health and safety of residents.