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Nov 30

[ARCHIVED] Human Resources Department

The original item was published from November 30, 2020 4:32 PM to November 30, 2020 4:35 PM

The City of Roswell Human Resources Department is where every career within the city organization begins. This department affects the community, other departments and individual employees. The HR team is a group of seven, all specializing in separate areas.

The HR team includes Renee Trujillo- Director of Human Resources, Kathy Louer- Safety Manager, Nicole Bejarano- Payroll Administrator, Jerry Conde- Human Resources Generalist, Naomi Borunda- HR Recruiting Generalist, Corrina Madril- Employee Benefit Specialist, and Arianna Miramontes- HR Administrative Assistant Sr.

The day to day in the HR office changes constantly. There are meetings, interviews, disciplinary actions, processing payroll, reports to complete, assisting employees and departments by answering questions, processing benefit changes, processing new hires, transfers and changes in employment. That is just the broad perspective. Each person is in charge of specific components, which are their main responsibilities.

Renee Trujillo - HR
Renee Trujllo 
Renee leads the team as Director of Human Resources. She has an MBA in Business Administration and is currently working on becoming a Senior Professional in Human Resources. Her major responsibilities include helping department heads with disciplinary actions, answering questions departments may have, assisting with interviews, and overseeing the work done by those within her department. A major responsibility recently added for her tasks is COVID reporting. Any time a City of Roswell employee tests positive, Trujillo must report that case to the State of New Mexico and complete the necessary reports.

Kathy Louer
Kathy Louer
Safety Manager Kathy is a Certified Safety Health Official and has an Associate of Applied Science in Occupational Safety Engineering and Environmental Management Technologies. She has an integral role in keeping employees safe and healthy. Throughout this pandemic, she has ensured employees have supplies like masks, wipes and hand sanitizer so employees can practice COVID safety. Kathy coordinates safety trainings and handles safety and workers compensation.

Nicole Bejarano
Nicole Bejarano 
Nicole handles payroll, PERA (Public Employees Retirement Association) reporting, NMHR (New Mexico Human Resources) reporting, tax reporting, garnishments, worker compensation reports and W2’s. Daily she fields phone calls from employees with questions and troubleshoots any issues that arise with the time clock software.

Jerry Conde - HR
Jerry Conde
Jerry is the Human Resources Generalist and has a wide variety of HR-related responsibilities. His responsibilities include processing employee transfers, changing pay codes for employees in the city’s accounting software, processing demotions and employee exits, paying invoices, completing payroll surveys received from other municipalities, and updating COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) and annual step increases in the city’s accounting software. A step increase is an increase in pay an employee receives following a period of time.

Naomi Borunda - HR
Naomi Borunda
Naomi Borunda is the Human Resources Recruiting Generalist and takes care of all things related to new hires. She works with all 32 city departments to recruit employees, works with supervisors to reformat job descriptions, posts all job openings online, processes background checks, schedules drug tests and physicals and makes job offers.

Corrina Madril - HR
Corrina Madril
Corrina is the Employee Benefits Specialist. She reconciles the ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) bill and pays it, takes care of daily traffic and phone calls from fellow employees, processes any changes to benefits, works out the cost of insurance for each employee and updates it in the accounting and human resources software.

Arianna Miramontes-HR
Arianna Miramontes
Arianna is the HR Administrative Assistant Sr. and has a variety of responsibilities that includes handling new hire paperwork including PERA enrollment, employment-eligibility verification, employment verification for outside entities, and creating new employee folders and removing from the system exiting employees. Changes made by employees are also handled by Arianna who updates changes to a W4 or direct-deposit information.

The hiring process for the City of Roswell has several different components. The job is posted, there are interviews and then HR takes over. The appropriate hiring director/department supervisor turns in a selection form to Naomi (HR Recruiting Generalist), the HR Director (Renee) signs the form, and the background and driver’s license checks begin. Those checks can take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours to complete. Once those clear, the candidate is then called and given a conditional job offer, given a date for to complete a drug test, and when the results are back and clear, a date is set for the new hire to start.

Every piece and every responsibility comes together in the end to the keep the city organization running. HR handles the hiring and employee changes for every single city department; the HR staff helps with recruitment, posts job openings and are responsible for processing payroll.

The Human Resources Department works hard to provide excellent services that benefit Roswell residents by working to attract, develop and retain staff who provide exemplary work to the community.