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Apr 07

Olive Ayhens

Posted on April 7, 2016 at 1:59 PM by Annie Shultz

Art by Olive Ayhens
About the Art: Olive Ayhens - Outskirts of Roswell, 2014. Oil on canvas, 44 inches by 52 inches.
Courtesy of the Artists.

Exhibition Details
  • Through March 13, 2015

Exhibition Overview
Exploring a special sense of place and the transformation of environment, Ayhens synthesizes nature, interiors, and architectural structures into imaginative landscape paintings. Seeing both natural and urban environments as total, living beings, Ayhens blurs the distinction between natural and manmade structures in her work, with landscapes becoming architecture, and vice-versa.

Thoroughly grounded in abstraction, her paintings occasionally feature a political or ecological subtext, but primarily address the love of paint itself, whether through layering it, exploring color relationships, or creating diverse textures. She typically has worked in connected series of paintings, with previous projects reflecting on her experiences in Montana, California, and New York. Since coming to Roswell for her residency, Ayhens’ new surroundings have influenced her painting, taking her work in new, exciting directions that will be explored in her exhibit.