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Apr 07

Seeing Cats and Dogs

Posted on April 7, 2016 at 2:17 PM by Annie Shultz

Art by Charles Mattox
About the Art: Charles Mattox Untitled (PR 24 cat), n.d. serigraph on paper. Gift of the Charles Mattox Estate 1997.017.0044.

Exhibition Details
  • Through May 31, 2015

Exhibition Overview
Pets abound in today’s culture. From online videos to specialty costumes to advocacy campaigns, our animal companions are a prominent part of daily life, encouraging conversation, camaraderie, and even rivalry.

The vaults of the RMAC also contain several pet-related images, and these works will be the focus of this upcoming exhibit. Concentrating on representations of dogs and cats, this show will offer visitors and array of paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs to explore, from Howard Cook’s gestural studies of his dog to Charles Mattox’s playful serigraph of a cat. Through these works, visitors will not only discover how the artists of the RMAC have portrayed our favorite animal companions, but will also have the opportunity to reflect on the different roles that pets play in our daily lives, from amiable companions to artistic muses. If you love animals, art, or both, be sure to check it out.