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Apr 07

Currents - An Annual Festival

Posted on April 7, 2016 at 2:22 PM by Annie Shultz

Art by Margaret Noble
About the Art: Margaret Noble Dorian’s Gray, 2014 mixed media installation Courtesy of the artist.

Exhibition Details

  • Through July 19, 2015

Exhibition Overview
New media is an exciting genre of art that is rapidly expanding in many directions. Encompassing film, interactive installations, sound, animation, and more, new media is constantly responding to changing technologies and ideas.

Currents is an annual festival based in Santa Fe that features new media from around the world. Now in its sixth year, Currents has invited several institutions across the state to host new media art exhibits, and the RMAC is proud to be one of these partnering institutions. Through the month of July, visitors can see new media installations in several of the galleries. From short films reflecting on Johannes Kepler’s astronomical meditations, to computer software simulating the creative painting process, viewers will be treated to works of art that both delight the eyes and stimulate the mind.