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Aug 01

Fresh Air: Modern and Contemporary Abstraction

Posted on August 1, 2016 at 10:34 AM by Sara Woodbury

About the Art: Raymond Jonson, Drawing No. 9, 1957, ink on paper.
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Johnson. 1961.003.0002

Exhibition Details

  • May 24-July 24, 2016

Exhibition Overview

When we consider abstract art, we tend to imagine nonrepresentational works, but abstraction applies to all art. Abstractions, after all, are ideas, and what are works of art themselves but ideas, and distinctly human interpretations of the world around us?

This exhibit explores the concept of abstraction in the 20th century through an eclectic grouping of photographs, prints, and even scientific blueprints, underscoring the depth and variety of the RMAC’s works on paper collection.