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Apr 25

Book Talk: "Happy Mail" by Eunice & Sabrina Moyle

Posted on April 25, 2018 at 3:29 PM by Amanda Davis

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Claire, Children's Librarian, Roswell Public Library, New Mexico

     Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with friends, family, and even strangers. You see teens and kids walking around like zombies glued to their phones and you might even find yourself neglecting your own company because you are focused on texting someone else. Although you may feel connected to your friends and family through texting and social media, technology does not have the same intimacy as real human interaction. But what happens if your friend or loved one does not live nearby? Enter a little golden oldie, called snail mail!
    Getting a card or letter in the mail from a friend always brings joy to my heart and makes me feel remembered and special, so why not do the same for someone else? Writing cards or letters not only makes the recipient feel thought of, but also gives us a reason to be creative and expressive. The rarity of letters also makes them more special and unique, they are more personal than sending a text or message over social media, and help to re-humanize the personal relationship, according to “Happy Mail: Keep in touch with cool & stylish handmade snail mail!” by Eunice & Sabrina Moyle, which expresses enthusiasm for the art and return of snail mail. Moyle says, “A letter is a shared object and a shared experience that helps our friendships grow deeper.”
    “Happy Mail” provides fun and creative writing prompts for writing letters and creating homemade cards. Included is a 30-day writing challenge to help get you started with tasks like: send a “text” (one sentence note) through the mail, send someone a list of places you’d like to go with them someday, write down your favorite quote and give it to a stranger or write a note to your letter carrier. Also included are different lettering styles and hand-lettering projects. With the addition of colorful and vibrant photographs and step-by-step instructions, the Moyles make it super easy to create your own unique cards and letters. They show you inventive ways of decorating envelopes and even how to fold your own, as well as how to properly address your envelope when mailing your letters.
    Celebrate National Card and Letter Writing Month and get back to basics with the joy of letter writing with “Happy Mail.” Find this title in the Juvenile Non-Fiction section with the call number 395.4 M875H. Find other great card-making books in the Adult Non-Fiction section, as well.

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