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Posted on: October 17, 2023

Everyone can be involved in reducing crime, making safe neighborhoods

crime prevention

The Roswell Police Department wants to empower citizens to help prevent crime in the community and make their neighborhoods safer places to live. RPD encourages citizens to be mindful of the simple steps they can take to help reduce crime in their neighborhoods.

Many of the crimes that take place in residential neighborhoods are property crimes, with larcenies and burglaries among the common ones. Among the things people can do to protect their homes and vehicles are installing adequate lighting in dark areas around the outside of the house, making sure door and window locks are strong, having a dog at home, making sure to lock vehicle doors, and not leaving valuables in vehicles. Other things to remember: Keep your property clean and maintained to eliminate hiding spots, install an alarm system, only open your garage door when you are pulling a vehicle in or out. It’s relatively simple stuff that can have positive results by making yourself a tougher target for criminals.

When you are out and about, whether heading to some stores or visiting friends elsewhere in town or in another city, try to park in an area with good lighting that is not too far from where you will be. As you are leaving or returning to your vehicle, be aware of others around you. Lock your doors once inside your vehicle. 

Back in your own neighborhood, it is important to know your neighbors so everyone can protect each other by being aware of and alert to what is taking place in the neighborhood each day. The people who know their neighborhood best are the people who live there. They know who belongs and who doesn’t. If something doesn’t look right or is out of place or unusual, it is worth having the police check it out in case it holds the potential for criminal activity. If you see a suspicious person or activity, call RPD’s non-emergency line at 575-624-6770. However, if you spot a burglary taking place or another crime in progress, call 911 immediately. 

Additional information about crime prevention of all sorts, as well making homes, schools, workplaces and communities safer, can be found at the National Crime Prevention Council’s website.

RPD and other local law enforcement agencies have a limited number of personnel, so they can’t be everywhere at all times. That means citizens play a key role by staying alert and aware of their surroundings and notifying police when something seems out of the ordinary and suspicious.

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