How do I register my short-term rental?

1. Register your short-term rental property at the City of Roswell's code enforcement office. Fill out the Lodgers’ Tax collection form and short term contact information. Form found here. Pay the non-refundable short-term rental registration fee of $35.
2. Property owner shall provide proof of General Commercial Liability Insurance.
3. If your short-term rental is approved, we will send an approval letter to the property owner or managing agency that includes the STR number, which will be assigned exclusively to your property.
4. Bring your approval letter to the City of Roswell and apply for your business license, there is a separate fee that must be paid. After obtaining your business license, your short term rental will be in compliance.

You will also be required to submit lodgers' tax payments every month. The reporting form and payment are due on the 25th of the month following the month reporting. The reporting form is available here.

Please note that if approved, you will have to renew your short-term rental annually.

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