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Customer Service Satisfaction Survey

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  2. Customer Satisfaction Survey

  3. Event

  4. Overall, how would you rate the event?
  5. How friendly was the staff at the event?
  6. How organized was the event?
  7. How was the length of the Event?
  8. Our Facility

  9. Did your meeting room/exhibit, banquet space meet your needs?
  10. Was your meeting/exhibit/banquet environment comfortable?
  11. Was your space set in the manner requested?
  12. Were the Public Spaces/Restrooms clean and maintained regularly?
  13. Management/Facility Staff

  14. Was the sales staff knowledgeable and responsive to your inquiries?
  15. Before your event, were your calls and emails answered/returned in a timely fashion?
  16. Was your Sales Manager responsive and able to assist you during your event?
  17. Did the event/banquet staff present themselves in a professional manner?
  18. Did the set-up/operations staff present themselves in a professional manner?
  19. What was your overall impression of our staff?
  20. Food/Beverage Service

  21. Was your Catering Representative responsive and knowledgeable?
  22. Was the food and beverage service staff courteous and professional?
  23. What was the overall quality of our food and beverage items?
  24. What was the overall presentation of our Food and Beverage items?
  25. Event Entertainment: (if applicable)

  26. How would you rate the DJ?
  27. How would you rate the band?
  28. How would you rate the Photo Booth (Selfie Booth)?
  29. Audio Visual Service:

  30. Was you’re A/V contact professional and knowledgeable?
  31. Was the A/V staff responsive and able to assist you during your event?
  32. What was the overall quality of A/V equipment provided?
  33. Parking:

  34. Was parking readily available, accessible and easy to locate?
  35. Was parking lot clean and lighted adequately?
  36. Overall Assessment

  37. How would you rate your satisfaction of the event?
  38. What was your overall satisfaction with the RCC as a facility?
  39. How likely are you to recommend the RCC to a friend or colleague?
  40. How did you hear about the Roswell Convention Center?
  41. May we use your comments for future promotional purposes?
  42. Would you like to receive additional information about upcoming events?
  43. Do you survey your event attendees?
  44. If so, may we contact you for a copy?
  45. Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey and for your use of the Roswell Convention Center. Our entire staff looks forward to working with you again and helping to make your event a success. 

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